July 6, 2020. Dragon Con will be virtual for 2020. There will be no in person parade.

July 20, 2020. There will be a virtual parade! To learn more join the new DRAGON CON VIRTUAL PARADE 2020 Facebook group at

The regular parade group is Other resources can be found at


Sign up for the Cult of Marriott Carpet parade group for 2021. Get news throughout the year at

Sign up for the Eternals and Friends parade group for 2021. Get news throughout the year at

Questions? The sign up form is very comprehensive. It is almost as if it was written by a longtime attendee who has anticipated all of your needs. ;)

PLEASE NOTE: Marking “going” to the Facebook event does NOT sign you up. The Facebook event WILL be used to send out news throughout the year. The event description has the best FAQ in the whole world. You’ll get answers to questions you didn’t even know to ask!20190831_101939 - promo picture Eternals.jpg

20190831_102052 - promo picture Carpet

8-21-2019. PLEASE be on time. I need time to check everyone against my list and hand out your wristbands – you can’t march without them! Anyone who is late will get left behind and be eaten by zombies. ;) The parade will start with or without us so we gotta be on time! Wear comfortable shoes. Not doing so is a mistake that first-timers only make once. At the very least, bring comfortable shoes you can change into if needed. Better to have them and not need them than the other way around.

ENABLE ALL NOTIFICATIONS to to get news DURING the con. Later I will share information there about how to sign up for 2020. :)

This is the meeting place for just the 1) Eternals and Friends parade group and the 2) Cult of Marriott carpet to walk to the staging area together. This is the same meeting place we have been using since 2017. If you are not in one of these two parade groups then this does not apply to you and you should follow the directions you have already been given by the parade or your group leader.

Most people in our two parade groups signed up to travel together to staging on the shuttle bus. If this is you then you don’t have to worry about how to get to staging, although those maps are provided below. All you have to do is arrive at 8:00 am at the meeting place. We will all travel together so no one gets lost. Also it is more fun that way!

Meeting place: Go to the lobby level of the Marriott Marquis. If you are entering from the street turn right down the hallway next to the concierge desk. This is on the opposite side of the hotel check in desks. We are down that little hallway next to the concierge desk. If you pass Starbucks and it is on your right then you’ve gone too far. Turn around and come back.


8-21-2019, Please open all these documents and read ALL of the  information. You will get answers to questions you didn’t even know you had! These documents and maps were provided by Jan Price, head of the Dragon Con parade.

2019 Parade Guidelines.docx

2019 Dragon Con Parade Broadcast Information.docx

2019 How to Get to Staging.docx

2019 Maps.docx

2019 DCParade2019 Staging.pdf

This is the map of where we will be marching. We start at the green flag and end behind the Hyatt and in front of the Marriott.

2019 Parade Map

2019 Participant Shuttle Route

The dedicated participant shuttle route is shown in RED below.

Hours of operation: 7:30 AM – 9:30 AM, Saturday, 8/31.  There are 2 stops on this route: 1) Marriott Marquis/Courtland Street stop and 2) Staging at North Avenue and Courtland Street.  These shuttles run in a continuous loop between these 2 stops.  Do not board any shuttle leaving the Marriott after 9:30 AM. 

The route map is shown in BLACK.  We launch the parade at Peachtree Street and Linden Avenue.

The staging area is shown in GREEN. Details for Staging are in 2019 How to Get to Staging.docx


2019 Staging Map and Order

8-21-2019, Once we get to staging we have to find our area to line up. As you can see in the map below our marching order is #18 this year. So we are in the front half of the parade and will be done sooner than those at the end of the marching order. The Star Wars group is always last.

As you can see, we will be waiting on the top level. This is hotter than the lower level, which is covered in shade. We could be waiting in the sun for a while before it is our turn to march. The parade starts at 10:00 am and we are the 18th group to launch. There should be porta-potties. As always, there will be Boy Scouts distributing water bottles. But I still strongly recommend bringing your own pre-filled water bottle. I carry one on me at all times during con so I can easily refill it whenever I need to.

Online payment deadline: Thursday, August 22, 2019. For payment details, send a PM to The photographer limits the number of spaces because only a certain number of people will fit in the shot. If there are any spaces still open after the deadline has passed (not guaranteed) then you are welcome to pay on Saturday morning at the convention. Bring exact change. I can only accept cash in American dollars.No gold-pressed Latinum will be accepted.

After the parade we will be getting a professional group photo op with Bryan Humphrey aka Mad Scientist with a Camera. We will travel together straight from the parade to our photo op. The location is the Marquis level of the Marriott outside the Walk of Fame. Find the information booth at the bottom of the escalator and then go left.

There are no printouts. You will download your photos from the photographer’s website during the convention. The higher res versions (suitable for printing) will be available after the convention.

To be safe, plan to miss the first panel of the day. Also, you may want to change and take a shower afterwards. It can be a hot, sweaty walk. But so worth it!

Here is one of our eight photos we got in 2018. Damn, we look gooood!



2018 Parade Guidelines.docx

How to Get to Staging.docx.

Dragon Con Parade Broadcast Information.docx

8-23-2018 MAPS

The red line is the parade route. The dashed red line is the shuttle route for parade participants only. This shuttle will take you to the staging area in green. This is where parade marchers line up with their groups and wait for the parade to start.

8-15-2018. The new map for 2018 is posted below. This is the exact same parade route as last year, 2017.

8-23-2018. This is the lineup at staging for the parade sections.

Please note that last year we were we were #33 in the marching order and placed in the lower level of the parking garage in the shade. This year we are #17 in the marching order and will be waiting outside under the sun. I highly recommend bringing sunscreen and whatever else you need to help keep comfortable.

DCParade2018 Staging 081918 red circle.png


2018 Parade Guidelines.docx

IMPORTANT Guidelines and Reminders for Everyone Involved With the Dragon Con Parade

  1. You MUST be a member of Dragon Con to participate in the parade. Convention badges must be worn and visible on parade morning along with parade participant wristbands. With proper ID, we will honor the pre-sales. post card as if it were a badge if you have not had the opportunity to pick up your badge before parade morning.
  2. Advertising and/or promotion of any type of commercial entities is strictly prohibited in the parade unless approved by Dragon Con Senior Management prior to the parade. A sponsorship agreement must be in place. This prohibition extends to any “street teams” that might be working the parade spectators.

Banners and flags are welcomed in the parade as long as they do not contain advertising or promotional information such as commercial company logos, web sites, addresses, phone numbers, etc. This includes information regarding other fan conventions as well.

Fan organizations/groups, clubs, DC programming tracks, etc. are exempted from this and encouraged to carry to their banners.

  1. The Dragon Con Parade is a politics-free zone and not the appropriate venue for political actions or activities that impact our everyday lives outside of Dragon Con.
  2. Non-working or prop weapons (as part of your costume) are OK. Any weapon carried at Dragon Con, including in the parade, must be approved and peace bonded by Dragon Con Security. Please take care of this BEFORE Parade morning to avoid potential confiscation of questionable items. The Atlanta PD and Dragon Con Security escort the parade and may make swift response to any action they deem inappropriate or threatening to the public. Think about how you brandish your weapon.
  3. No flash pots, explosive devices, fireworks, loaded devices of any kind, or use of open flames. Absolutely not allowed, period.
  4. Photography and videography by participants is always welcome as long as the progress of the parade is not hindered while you take your shots. Participant use of DRONES for filming the parade is prohibited for your and the spectators’ safety.
  5. Small throws/tosses (candy, beads, stickers, coins for instance) are permitted as long as do not cause street litter and are placed directly into the hands of the recipients. No random tossing, flinging or otherwise launching into the crowd.
  6. Fliers/flyer, coupons and/or leaflets, business cards, etc. distribution is NOT permitted under any circumstances. This prohibition extends to any “street teams” that might be working the parade spectators.
  7. We are rated PG/PG-13. Remember the parade is held on city streets – public safety and decency laws will apply. Watching the parade is open to the public, small children and other impressionable beings will be along the route. Additionally street/everyday clothing, unless it’s identifiable with a character, isn’t appropriate for the parade. We are a costumed event. Please choose your costume wisely.
  8. Children 14 years of age and under participating in the parade must be accompanied by an adult.
  9. At this time, live animals are prohibited from the parade with the exception of service animals and selected Dragon Con sponsors.
  10. Use common sense and show courtesy for all involved with the parade.
  11. Show up on time and be patient during staging/line-up. Be ready to move into place when your parade section is called on deck.
  12. Prepare yourself for the weather (bring water, don’t forget sunscreen, etc.).
  13. If you have a question about whether or not something will be allowed – ask beforehand!! Contact us at
  14. Have fun! Have fun! Have Fun!

We reserve the right to remove any person(s), vehicle(s), or prop(s) (including banners, flags or signs, and weapons) from the parade that is considered offensive, potentially dangerous or otherwise inappropriate, or that do not comply with the above stated guidelines for the event , at any time and without prior warning.

Wristbands!  I want mine, how do I get it?  😊

You have registered for the parade and been confirmed.  When and where do you get your wristband(s)?

We do not mail out wristbands.  We do not distribute them before the start of con.

We do give them out at con when you check in with us.  Both your convention badge and the wristband are required to get into the staging area on parade morning.

We run a check-in table Thursday and Friday of con.  We are there 12 hours or so each day, trying to match Registration’s hours as closely as possible.  We’ll be located within steps of Onsite Registration in the Sheraton, lower level, across from the Georgia Halls.  When we close our table on Friday at approximately 9:30 PM,  *POOF!*  we are gone and looking forward to seeing you all the next morning at staging.

BTW, you can’t miss our table.  We have twinkle lights and a well-worn, vintage parade banner, and toys, and a bunch of smiling faces sitting at the table and ready to help.

The process is easy.  We have a check-in book, arranged in alphabetical order by FIRST name.  You give us your name, we check you off the list, asking that you initial by your name so we know you’ve picked up.  And then we present you with your wristband(s).

The book only contains the names of individuals who registered themselves and group contacts/leads who registered 2 or more people.  Group members will be getting their wristbands from their group contact/lead.

IF you are a Saturday only member, we strongly recommend buying your membership through the DC Store once they become available as pre-sales…which should be anytime now.  You will receive a postcard confirming your membership.  This is a huge advantage on parade morning as we will honor that postcard as though it was your actual badge.  This means you can come directly to staging rather than having to visit Registration to purchase your badge before the parade.

We’ll have a check-in point person who can give you wristbands before you try to enter staging.

IF you are a Saturday only member but will be onsite Thursday or Friday, you can check in and pick up your wristband(s) without having your badge.   Just remember, along with the wristband you MUST have your badge or membership confirmation postcard on parade morning when you come to staging.


How to Get to Staging.docx.


Address:  607 Peachtree Street NE – North Avenue Presbyterian Church, Parking Lot

The church is located on the corner of Peachtree Street NE and North Avenue.  There is a large Bank of America hi-rise directly across the street from the church and the Fox Theater is in the next block North of staging.  If you walk by the Fox, you’ve gone too far.


Starting at Hyatt Regency, the church and staging area are approximately 8 blocks North of the Hyatt Regency’s front driveway.  That’s a turn to the right leaving the Hyatt.  Stay on Peachtree Street. You cross over I-75/85 and continue until you cross Linden Avenue.  The parking lot entrance will be on your right about mid block.

Starting at the Westin, you’re just a few blocks away from the Hyatt Regency.  Walk to the Hyatt and follow the Hyatt route.

Starting from the Marriott Marquis, Atlanta Hilton or Sheraton Atlanta, make your way to Peachtree Street and follow the Hyatt route OR take Courtland Street.  It’s an 8-9 block walk, depending on what hotel you begin at. The Courtland Street route will bring you to the backside of our staging area.  There is a back entrance to the parking lot at Courtland and North on the left hand side of the street.

Please check your parade section’s (approximate) location on the staging map as it is a multi-level structure and there may be a ramp (incline or decline) or stairs to navigate to get to the correct location.  The Peachtree Street entrance gets you to the street level parking lot.  The Courtland Street entrance gets you into the garage area underneath.

If you are not in the host hotel area and planning on walking, please refer to local maps to get you there.


Take MARTA to the NORTH AVENUE STATION, located on West Peachtree Street.  Exit the station onto West Peachtree and turn left onto North Avenue at the corner.  Walk one block on North Avenue up to Peachtree Street and you’ll see the parking lot entrance just across the street.


All are an option and can get you to staging.


A special “express” shuttle will operate from 7:30AM – 9:30 AM on parade morning.  This shuttle is for parade participants only.  There is only one pick up point (behind the Marriott on Courtland Street) and only one drop off point (on North Avenue between Peachtree Street and Courtland Street).  DO NOT TAKE ANY SHUTTLE, PARADE OR OTHERWISE, THAT DEPARTS THE MARRIOTT AFTER THE SCHEDULED 9:30 AM PICK UP.

The regularly scheduled Dragon Con Shuttles will also drop off at the North Avenue location however unless you board at the Marriott or Sheraton, there may be numerous stops before getting to our staging drop off point.  DO NOT TAKE ANY REGULAR SHUTTLE LEAVING THE MARRIOTT OR SHERATON AFTER 9:15 AM.

DRIVING (non-parade vehicles):

Please refer to local maps or your GPS for the best route to take to get to the general area.  There is parking in the general area but we do not provide or reserve it so you’re on your own in finding it. We also cannot provide parking for vehicles that are unloading parade vehicles or props, etc.  Unload and move along.  Please be aware that if you park near staging and the parade’s launch, your car will be a mile away from where the parade ends (Marriott Marquis).


A separate email will be sent to group contacts and parade registered drivers with instructions on when and how to come to the staging area.  You will be on the street with active traffic until just before launch.  Be prepared for some shuffling as we get you into place and please be patient with us while we do so. J


Dragon Con Parade Broadcast Information.docx


The 2018 parade will once again be televised and streamed live on Atlanta’s CW and our own DCTV.

CW Info:   Live Broadcast, Saturday 9/1, starts at 10:00 AM,.  This coverage is scheduled to stay live on air through the entire parade.  Live Stream on also starts at 10:00 AM.

Rebroadcast, Saturday 9/1, 10:00 PM.  This broadcast will be edited to fit the time slot.

Channel 69 (check your listings for DVR and other recording settings, etc.)

DCTV info:  Live Broadcast, Saturday 9/1, 10:00 AM, Rebroadcast, TBA throughout the weekend

Closed circuit in Host Hotels only (Hyatt Regency, Marriott Marquis, Hilton Atlanta, Sheraton Atlanta, Westin).  The parade coverage should be available through the new DC Streaming Membership option as well.


  1. We ARE Dragon Con!  I know this goes without saying still please be on your best behavior while on the route.  Don’t do anything that will later embarrass our con or yourselves.   Our Parade Guidelines, published each year, remain in effect regarding behavior along the route, costumes and props, etc.
  2. Note that you will be removed from the parade without warning if inappropriate behavior or any violations of our Guidelines are witnessed by parade escorts.
  3. THE CW CAMERA AND ‘BROADCAST BOOTH’ LOCATION IS NOT A PERFORMANCE STOP. Let me repeat that – NOT A PERFORMANCE STOP.  Please keep moving.  Do not stop to “mug” for the camera or otherwise hog air time with a demonstration or performance of any kind.  We want to get the entire parade into the 1 hour of air time (including commercial breaks) that we have. YOU MAY BE BANNED FROM PARTICIPATING IN FUTURE PARADES IF YOU CANNOT ABISE BY THIS.
  4. There may be pauses between sections as you approach the CW’s booth to accommodate pacing. Look for the “STOP” and “GO” signs.  Watch for and listen to instructions you get from parade team members.
  5. The security and mechanics of the parade will be once again be tight. Please be prepared to move out and/or hold when directed.  Be aware of your surroundings.
  6. Enjoy this unique and shared moment. Have fun!  Be the parade we’ve always been.  Celebrate everything you are that makes Dragon Con so incredible!




I am leaving the 2017 information up so that you can see how things were done last year. There are always some changes every year. Stay on top of news directly from the parade by following all the official resources at . New information is usually a couple of days before the parade.

UPDATE 8-27-2017. The famous “TMI” email from Jan Price, head of the parade, has gone out. The email only goes out to the email addresses of group leaders (like me) and individuals who registered directly with the parade back in February. She the only has email addresses for these people. I am sharing everything she sent me here. For all other information from Jan Price, join and read the Pinned Post at, then scroll back and read all the past posts by Jan Price. All of your questions will be answered. For information that is specific to one of the two parade groups below, follow their Facebook event.


All parade marchers should download and read all these files. All of your questions will be answered.

2017 Dragon Con Parade TMI email 8-26-2017.docx

2017 Dragon Con Parade GUIDELINES.docx

2017 Dragon Con Parade Broadcast Information.docx

2017 Staging HOW TO GET THERE.docx

2017 Route Map.PDF


parade route map 2017 edited by zan

2017 Participant Staging Final v.3.PDF2017 Participant Staging Final v.3_2

2017 Vehicle Staging Final v.3.PDF2017 Vehicle Staging Final v.3


New for 2018! Please sign up with this Google Form if you want to join the parade group for 1) The Cult of Marriott Carpet or 2) The Eternal Members and Friends. Parade registration usually closes in February and spaces WILL fill up. In 2017 there were over 400 people on the waiting list and most of them did not get in. :(
Marriott Carpet Parade Group 2018 Facebook Event cover photo 784 x 295 pixels

The sleeper hit of the 2016 parade returns for their triumphant third year in 2018! They said we couldn’t do it and we proved them wrong! All hotel-themed outfits are welcome, the Marriott carpet or carpet pattern are NOT required.

Here is one of our professional post-parade photo ops with the official Dragon Con photographer, Bryan Humphrey: Mad Scientist with a Camera.A17_4066_WEB_SIZE - dcem website photo - Marriott Carpet group photo


Facebook Event cover photo 2018 Saturday Eternals and Friends Parade Group 784 x 280 pixels current

No, you don’t have to be an Eternal Member (or know one) to march in the parade with us. We welcome everyone!

Our 2018 theme is eternal/ immortal creatures and/ or Dragon Con themed outfits. It is pretty simple – we are the Dragon Con Eternal Members so we are using every part of that for our theme. This is a broad theme that is open to a wide range of creative interpretations, exactly what costumers do best!

When you sign up with the Google Form you will see links to the Facebook events. The event descriptions are very comprehensive and will answer questions you didn’t even know you had!


Everyone is welcome in the parade. If you have any questions please get in touch with as soon as possible. Advance planning is invaluable.


Watch 2018 Dragon Con TV Video on Facebook 12-26-2018 – As of this writing, this video is only available on Facebook and has not been uploaded to YouTube or DCTV Streaming yet.

2018: This excellent fan video shows full coverage of the parade.

The Eternal Members and Friends and The Cult of Marriott Carpet groups march next to each other in the parade because they have the same group leader.




This is the first time the Eternals marched in the parade together.

Questions? Contact us.