Newbie Mentor


Want an experienced person to guide you at Dragon Con? There are many fantastic online resources for helping you prepare ahead of time. But what about when you get there and are all aloooooone for the entire weekend?

I can help. Every year I take a few newbies under my wing because my first year I was all alone and had no one to show me around. I’m from a family of Muggles and I really wish that I’d had someone to help me. During my first time at Dragon Con many years ago here were only two host hotels and I felt overwhelmed and lost most of the time. By the time I felt I knew what I was doing and where I was going, it was over. Now there are five host hotel plus a separate building for the dealers room. I can’t imagine going alone for the first time now!

Q: Do I have to be a first timer?
A: No, anyone looking for a mentor is welcome.

Q: What is this mentoring thing all about?
A: It is like having a personal guide and phone-a-friend. First we get to know each other a bit. You tell me about your experience with conventions, your fandoms and interests, and what kind of experience you want to have. Then I tell you how much I know in those areas. You decide if I’m the right guide for your first year at Hogwarts. You are welcome to contact me during Dragon Con when you have questions.

Q: Is this an official Dragon Con service?
A: No. This is not connected with Dragon Con in any way. This is an unofficial fan thing I do to help others.

Q: What gave you the idea to do this?
A: The first time it just sort of happened. This was many years ago. I met someone on the first night of Dragon Con. He was all alone and it was his first year. We exchanged cell phone numbers. I asked him what he was interested in and then promised him that if he took my advice, he’d have a great time. I introduced him to my friends, took him to all the best parties (some with celebs) answered all his questions via text message. He reached out to me when he didn’t know what to do next. Based on his interests, I advised which events were must-see. At the end of the weekend, he told me he’d had a great time.

I enjoyed helping out so the following year I made a post online to see if anyone else was interested in having a mentor. I got several responses so I did the same thing again. Now this is part of my annual tradition. Every year I offer to help people out.

Would you like to learn more? If you are interested, contact me and I’ll get back in touch with you.

My Dragon Con nickname is Eternal Zan (rhymes with “fan”). I’ve been a Dragon Con attendee since 2003 and an Eternal Member since 2005. I’m also a Dragon Con volunteer, fan panelist, and award winning costumer/ cosplayer.

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